Lately I have been craving “Chicken Foot”  No, no it’s not the actual foot of a chicken, It’s a snack.  It’s a crunchy snack made of flour and spices and fried in oil.  Usually eaten with sour (mango chutney) but it can also be enjoyed by itself.  I am not sure how it got its name  but knowing the way my Guyanese people think I will say it was being compared to the skinniness of a chicken’s foot.  Also guessing from the ingredients I will say it’s probably something that was introduced to us by the East Indians.  I could be wrong so don’t take my word as gospel.  This was a snack I enjoyed as a child mostly during my high school years and I loved it even now.

From time to time my mom would send me some all the way from Guyana whenever someone is traveling to the USA.  But it has been a while since she  did such.  I made a few requests for “Chicken foot” from my blogger cousin over at www.jehancancook.com but she seems to be ignoring my request or maybe she decided to make me sweat.  So I had to take matters into my own hands.  I searched the internet and came up with one recipe for “Chicken Foot.”  I was scared to try it since there were no exact measurements in this recipe.  But hey, as the saying goes, “It’s better to try to fail , than fail to try”… so here I go!

I felt like I was making homemade pasta without a machine

Fist attempt failed… I guess my strips were too big

At last…Chicken foot!

Had me some with a little mango sour. Yum!

Fathers are sometimes neglected because; they are not always the nurturing parent, they are not always around and not always the parent who attends to the sick child in the wee hours of the morning.  Since my husbands birthday is just 2 days before my son’s birthday it’s mostly overlooked because I am so focused on my son’s birthday.  This year I decided to combine his birthday with father’s day and make him feel extra special since his birthday is just two weeks shy of  fathers day.

When my husband told me on Saturday that he was going to leave his place of business extra early on Sunday I was elated.  But when he followed by saying that his reason for doing such was so he can attend a Reggae show I was enraged.  I told him he wasn’t going but he insisted that he was.  It infuriated me to think that he would rather spend his father’s day at a reggae show and away from his family.  My first thought was to squash all the plans I had for him.  I mean why even bother, not like he’s gonna be here to enjoy it.  I went to bed upset but when I woke up I was back to my old self.  I was going to make him feel special regardless because this is something I wanted to do for him, even if it was just for a few minutes.  If he either of us should die tomorrow he would know that he was appreciated and that I did care.

So Happy Father’s Day to my hubby, the man who choose to spend his day with Shaggy, I-Octain, Serani, Ding Dong, Nookieman, Jukie Blacks and many more ridiculous names that I simply cannot remember.

Blueberries and Crab were my inspirations for the day!

Reggae dad breakfast! Blueberry scones with nuts

His present

His Lunch

Dessert … Blue berry cream cheese cookies

Crab puffs

His Birthday Party

 I celebrated my sons 3rd birthday party this past weekend.   This year we kept his birthday party away from our home state, in our family’s backyard.    It was the perfect setting since the weather was lovely and no one wants to be indoors once Spring rolls around.  They party was a little low-key and not all I had envisioned it to be.  I was a bit preoccupied and was unable to dedicate all of  my creatively and time into it.  However, despite a few glitches, the party went off with a bang and the birthday boy had lots of fun.  He was very contented, and all the tiny details I had been fussing about didn’t seem to matter much to him at all.

Here is a peek at what I was able to capture.

The man of the hour!

Celebrating “It’s my birthday party”

his cousin.. Just look at him trying to smile

Blowing out the candle (ignore that hand lol)

Cutting the cake

Taking a bite 🙂

your turn, say awww…

The chosen one

The birthday crew

A little bit more details from the birthday party.

Mom with the birthday boy

My son is obsessed with dinosaurs so its only fair that his birthday party is dinosaur themed.

The cake.

At first I disliked this cake, as you can tell its store-bought.  We ordered dinosaurs but got Dragons.  Hence the reason I like to do things myself.  Thankfully I had a few dinosaurs on hand which were to decorate the table. I stuck them in the cake and we were ready to roar.

Party/Favor bags.. which I made

Love how they looked on display

Cute popcorn boxes which I also made

I wanted to stick dinosaurs on the boxes but turns out the ones I made were too big.  And I simply refused to draw and cutout anymore of those tiny animals.

My self-made Cupcake wrappers and toppers.. I love it!


The dinosaurs roar among the food.


We also grilled/ barbeque

The kids had the option to choose from beef burgers, hotdogs and barbecued chicken.

He felt like a champ

Remember this? Its recycled

It seems I’m always pulling a disappearance act, this time I have been gone for almost 3 months if not more but who is counting?  It is what it is.  I mean what do you expect from someone who is dealing with a whole host of life situations.  Not to forget there is a little boy in the mix who is moving from”terrible twos” to “tantrum threes” or is it “complaining threes”   Well I have been here fighting my way back to my little old blog 🙂

However, yesterday was a lovely sunny day and  just about everyone I called was out.  And if they weren’t they were in their backyards barbecuing and soaking up the sun.   But not me, I was at home cleaning.  I was a slave to my sons busy mischievous hands.  As I watched the sun go down on my window shades I felt robbed and wanted some kind of a treat.  Since I have been craving cheese straw I decided to make myself some.   I searched the internet for a recipe that was close to mine but came up empty-handed, besides I wanted to make a small amount just for me and all recipes suggested it would be more than one or two servings.   Cheese straws are a very “more-ish” snack, once you start eating it you can’t stop.  You never realize how much you have “chowed” down until you find your self scraping the crumbs off the plate.  I couldn’t allow that to happen,  after all I am watching my figure :).   This is my version of Guyanese cheese straws that I have enjoyed over the years as a child and now as an adult.  It’s a snack, a treat, a party favorite and is hardly every absent from any family gathering.





4 oz Extra Sharp Cheddar Cheese finely grated ( I used Cracker Barrel)

1/3 Cup Margarine (5 Tbsp)

1/2 Cup flour (A tablespoon more might be needed)

1/2 tsp Mustard

1/4 tsp Hot pepper

A pinch of salt (optional)

Serves two


Preheat oven to 350 degrees.  Add pepper and mustard to the grated cheese and mix well, set aside.  In a separate bowl cut the butter into the flour using a knife or pastry blender.  Next add the cheese mixture to the flour and gently combine together using the tips of your finger to form dough.  Place dough in a cookie press or use a pastry bag with the star attachment to achieve the look I did.  You may also roll the dough out and cut into strips or use cookie cutter.  (Cheese straws can be made in to any variety of shapes)  Place on a baking sheet and bake 10 to 12 minutes.  Enjoy!!!


Even he enjoyed a few!

When Man says NO , God says YES… When Man says YES God says NO… And this morning God said no Snow.

When I looked out the window this morning I was expecting to see the ground and the cars covered with snow but instead it was clean as a whistle.  The weather guy said it would have been snowing all night into this morning and right through to this evening.  So what really happened???   Mother nature happened, sometimes God stomps his authority and I have a feeling that’s what happened today. Though I am a little disappointed I am not complaining at all.   I am somewhat happy that we don”t have to clean off the cars or driveway or even deal with the messiness of a snowfall.  This winter has been a great winter so far with its spring-like weather. I am one who is truly happy about that.  After all last years winter was a horrible one, we had so much snow that my roof fell.  Maybe next week we get some snowfall but not today 🙂 .

This is what I woke up to...Not a drop of snow!

Anyhow, I am now lying here trying to take it easy today.  It seems I push myself too much at times. I could never just lie down and relax. My brain is always working over time and I get to thinking what I could be doing with the little time I have instead of taking a nap.  All yesterday I have been sick, It seems I was poisoned from the expired cream cheese I ate. I did not think to check it, since I had recently bought it.  I was throwing up and I had the worst headache I have ever had in my life.  I thought I was going to faint. I reached to my medicine cabinet for some pain killers but there was none there, turns out that husband of mine took it all.  He never thinks of me in this respect because I am hardly ever sick and headaches are few and far apart for me.  Needless to say I was very upset at him.  I called his cell phone to curse at him but he dodged a bullet by not picking up.  Now while I am dealing with all this pain and faint dizzy feeling, I still have my little roaring monster/dinosaur/lion/gorilla to contend with.  Desperate for some help or relief I called on the landlord to beg for some pain killers but he wasn’t around.  I couldn’t ask any of my neighbors because we never speak to each other, the one on the left is weird and doesn’t even speak my language and the one on the right is ‘farther’ to the right and barks at you for turning around in her driveway.  So no one  was around to help me when I needed it. Since I was beaten and hungry, and hollow on the inside I pushed the barriers of my strength and stamina and headed to the kitchen. I came up with this Juicy burger and yes, I found the strength to take pictures for you.

My very own hamburger!... this is what I mean by pushing myself

I returned to bed and my roaring son followed me.  He attacked me like he was Simba of the Lion King and I was Nala,  with his hands choking my neck he pinned me down and yelled “I got ya”.  Then he sat up on my stomach and said “get up mommy” I looked at him tears in my eyes and said, ” Josiah mommy is not feeling well”  “get up, get up” he yelled, rocking me back and fort.  When I couldn’t take it anymore I yelled for him to leave me alone.  He frowned like Hoho the monkey of  Ni Hao Kai Lan. I felt badly and called him back for a hug. He smiled and put his head on my shoulder. He had forgiven me.  But after about two minutes he started his roaring and attacking all over again.  I prayed for his dad to come home and rescue me from his constant role play of the Lion King and any other thing that roars.  But that was not to be, for when his dad finally came in I had to play referee between the two of them.  Where in my life do I have the room, patience or time for another child??  This one has taken all my energy but that is a story for another time.

It has been a while since I posted a picture of my handsome son but that’s only because he makes it so difficult for me to take a picture with him now.  He is  going through his “Let me try it” and “let me do it ” stage.   I can’t get him in front of the camera if he wants to be the one behind the camera, so I have been waiting this stage out.  This too shall pass!  As much as I want him to be independent I have to say; that  independence can come across as bossy and I feel like he is bullying me at times.  Most of the times I find it funny, especially when he is going at it with his dad, other times it can just be plain old annoying.  Needless to say I love and adore him.


No words just food…

Zesty Orange flavored wings

so juicy, so delish!

Of course I had to end it with a sweet treat.

Dark Chocolate cupcakes with vanilla frosting.. yum! yum!

Super Bowl Bites

Easy cheesy garlic bread was apart of my Super Bowl XLVI  menu on Sunday. Truth be told I am not a big  football fan, I have absolutely no clue as to what is going on in that game.  Can you blame me, I came from a country where football is actually played with your foot (feet).  However I can adapt and embrace a new way of life, games, etc.. So I prepared  a few bites and tuned into the game, mainly for the ads and the halftime show.

Cheesy Garlic Bread

Garlic bread turned Crostini in my eyes

I am not one to do recipes but this is my very own recipe( or so I like to think) so I will share it.

Cheesy Garlic Bread


  • 1 loaf Italian bread cut into slices
  • Olive oil
  • 4 tablespoons softened butter
  • Fresh garlic finely chopped
  • About a tsp of dried Italian seasoning
  • Provolone cheese slices


Drizzle olive oil over individual bread slices.  Toast in 350 preheated oven for 6 minutes.  Meanwhile  mixed chopped garlic with melted butter and Italian seasoning.   Rub garlic mixture on  toasted slices , then top with provolone cheese slices.  Return to oven until lightly browned or until cheese is melted. Enjoy!

Scrabooking 2

Here are a few more pages from my scrapbook.

My vacation page

Patchwork scrapbook...

so fun!

I have been missing home a lot lately. My mom, my dad, my brothers and sister, my cousins, my friends. I miss them all. Sometimes I just feel the need to be around my family, just to laugh and chat with no restrictions or objections. Usually when I’m down, homesick or just sick of this cold weather, I bake, I cook and I eat, otherwise I just lay around watching movies all day. Sometimes I even stare up at the ceiling. Today I tried to cure my longing with good food and great music.

Zesty mango flavored blue snapper, jazzy delicious rice and a tossed salad

Even though I love to label myself a seafood lover, I have to admit that I only eat fish, shrimp and crab. I am yet to try lobster and I am never eating Octopus or Snails. The rest is yet to be seen.

My dad loves to cook fish, he would fry it, steam it, bake it and even soup it. Lets just say the man loves his fish. Maybe that’s where I got my love of fish from. It was said that when I was little he would feed me with lots of fish, mainly red snapper. My mom said one time I ate about 2 lbs of fish. Turns out my dad was the one feeding me and didn’t know when to cut me off :). Fresh fish in Guyana is the best because it’s truly fresh’ and the flavor is much different from what I have tasted here in the USA. I guess it’s because we cook it as soon as it comes out of the sea, no preservatives and no over night freezing. Oh how I miss my dads fried fish and my moms ‘swank’, what I won’t do for that right now… For now I make my own!


Music is fuel to the soul, go on and sing at the top of your lungs. I sure did!

My favorite girls

It’s a lovely day and I’m in a lovely mood, so I bake.  I love pastry food but I have to admit it’s not as easy to make as Ina Garden makes it out to be. Today I tried another favorite of mine, Guyanese Cheese Roll and FYI, it kicked my ass.  It was even more difficult because I had little hands in my flour bowl.

Cheese roll has always been a long time favorite of mine, it goes way back to my grade school days. My friends and I would always try to be first in the lunch-lady’s line just to ensure that we got our cheese roll on our lunch break.  I am yet to meet someone who dislikes the taste of cheese roll, even Josiah loves it.  It’s delicate and cheesy and when made the correct way it melts in your mouth. It’s simply delicious!!!  Every time I make any kind of pastry food I feel super guilty when it’s time to eat it, all that fat is oh so wrong but yet oh so good. Yummy 🙂

I found this cheese roll recipe on the Inner Gourmet Website. Here is the link… http://www.inner-gourmet.com/2011/09/guyanese-cheese-rolls.html#more

Cheese Roll!

This was the best I could do. Actually these were the best looking out of the 12 cheese rolls I made.  I will keep working on my pastry making skills.


Check out the cheese!

Here is a clip of what I was dealing with, while trying to keep my pastry dough from crumbling.  He is everywhere and in every thing. I swear he thinks he is really helping me out. LOL

See... I wasn't lying

I have been a little under the weather lately, a cold, a flu, maybe even a bug. Who takes care of mommy when she is not feeling well?  IF you said “mommy” then you are correct.  Whenever I am sick to the point where I need some TLC I always miss my mommy.  She is known for serving me in bed and cooking the foods I love.  Since she is so many thousands of miles away I have no choice but to be a mommy to myself.

A little comfort food for me!


Dhal is one of my favorite Indian dishes made with split peas and a variety of spices, then blended into a smooth creamy like sauce or soup. As much as I love dhal I don’t make it too often. I guess that’s just my way of keeping this dish special to me.  After drinking all those flu medications and packet soups, this comfort food was well needed.

Bok choy with curried shrimp on a bed of rice

My Dhal was made to perfection with all the cumin seeds and spices. I enjoyed it with rice and a side of Bok Choy and curried shrimp.  Yes, leave it to a Guyanese to mix an Indian dish with a bit of Asian. 🙂

I developed a new hobby recently, its a way for me to relieve stress and be creative at the same time.  Scrapbooking ; it relaxes me, takes my mind off of any negative feeling and puts a smile on my face.  Its a creative artsy way for me to showcase my pictures instead of  in a plain old boring album, (no offense daddy!)

As simple and fun as scrapbooking is, it can also be an expensive hobby.  To keep the cost of your scrapbooking supplies down you really have to let your creativity fly.  That’s what I did.   Today I will share two pages of my scrapbook with you.  There are of my childhood pictures, which I also call my practice pages.  Take a look!

Model child! I call this my 'child fashion' page

This page was made mainly with cutouts which I did myself and with buttons from my old shirts :).

Child fashionista!

I will soon move on to Josiah’s pictures.  I cannot wait to get stared on his scrapbook.

Since the latest cruise ship disaster, where the  luxury cruise ship Costa Concordia sank into the Mediterranean Sea leaving about 11 dead so far and about 2 dozen plus still missing. I am seriously reconsidering my decision to take a cruise.  You may probably say that I’m a coward but I have always been afraid of cruise ships.   Being enclosed and surrounded by nothing but water, petrified me. It took me a long time to get to this point of even considering one.  Maybe the fact that I cannot swim or maybe it was my own Titanic-like story that is always in the back of my mind whenever I think about cruising.

Around the age of 8 my mom, my sister and I were traveling to my Great Aunt’s funeral. A part of our journey took us over the Demerara River( a major river in Guyana). To get over this river we had to take a ferry. About half way through our water ride the ferry made a loud frightening noise and tilted on its side. Everyone on the ferry started to scream and panicked gripped everyone on board. People were running to the side of the ferry that was higher, some were on the floor and others were grabbing for life jackets.  My mom managed to get two life jackets, she quickly put one on sister who was 1 years old at the time.  Then she turned to me and put the second one me. I didn’t speak but my eyes asked the question “what about you, what will happen to you?”  My mom looked at me and said very calmly, “I will be alright, don’t worry everything will be fine”  I remember thinking at that moment that I will survive and my mom will die for me.

My mom grabbed onto a rail above her head with one hand and my sister in another. I held her around her waist. We stood there hearts beating, my little sister totally oblivious to what was really happening but with a blank stare.  I looked around at the other passengers whose frightful stares met mine and I wondered when it will all come to an end.  I do not think I can begin to explain the fear I felt, the fact that neither I nor my mother could swim raced to the front of my mind.  The possibility of me surviving and my brothers, sister and I growing up without our mother left me shaking in my tiny black booties.  “Dear God, please save us all” I prayed.  Suddenly the rumbling that was coming from the ferry stopped and it became a bit leveled.  The Ferry made it to the other side of the shore still a little tilted and we got out.  My mom hugged my sister and I as tight as she possibly could and kept whispering, “thank you Lord.”  I believed it was God who saved us. He had answered my prayers.  No one died because of this incident and this ferry can in no way be compared to the great Titanic or any other enormous cruise ship out there, but I assure you my fears were justified.

Since then I developed a phobia of being a ferry, boat or ship.

Wrecked cruise ship off the Italian island coast

Here is a little joke!

Over the weekend Josiah and I watched the “Titanic”  about three times in a row.  Last night Josiah caught a glimpse of the Sunday’s newspaper above, picked it up and came over to me and asked,  “mom, where is Jack? I can’t find him anywhere.”  That’s not the Titanic honey,” I said. “This is a different ship, Jack and Rose is not on this ship.”  He looked at the paper again and began shouting, ” Jack! Rose! Jack!”  Then he said, “there he is, mom I found him.” When I looked over, he was pointing at an insert below of a man.   I was dying with laughter 🙂 Kids say the darndest things!

As a little girl I dreamed of getting married and changing my last name over into something much more common and acceptable by all others. I was tired of people calling me everything but my last name. The children at school made fun of my last name on a daily basics, until eventually I hated it. By the time my teenage years rolled around I felt like my last name was a curse. My dad was so popular that the mention of my last name made people interested in what I was doing. No teenager wants to be identified by their dads’ associates when they are out trying to have a good time. Now as a young adult I am much more appreciative of the uniqueness of my Family’s name. The name Fyffe is special to me. I like that whenever I hear that name in a room full of people I know it has to be me. I have never bumped into another Fyffe that wasn’t family.

After being married I elected not to take my husbands last name.  At first it was just too much of a hassle and too much work to get it done. But the longer I went on using my maiden name the more I realized that there was a bigger issue. I was not at all eager to let go of my daddy’s name. Its unique, uncommon, unusual and I liked it much more than my husbands last name. I tried to tell him that his last name is very common and ordinary and I am no ordinary girl, he knew this when he married me. Of course he was offended by my decision and applied pressure every chance he got.
So I ask you this: Is it so wrong to want to hold on to my daddy’s last name? Is this what leave and cleave means? Is it really disrespectful if you decide to keep the name you were born with when you got married? I mean isn’t it a little more disrespectful to just discard of your father’s last name? I am sure there is blood sweat and tears in all of our fathers name.

I have grown to love my name and now I am torn between letting go of it and accepting my husband’s name. In the end any decision to change my name will be to avoid questions from my son, such as; “mommy, why is your last name different from me and my daddy’s name?” In this modern world women should not feel pressured to accept their husbands last name, because unless your husband is royalty the only advantage to owning his last name is to appear uniform on paper as a family. That’s just my opinion. With all we as women go through, do we really need the extra paperwork?

I wonder if I will visit here soon..

Lamp Revamp

You may have realized by now that I like to do things myself.  I love to decorate and I love to recreate. So when my son destroyed the lampshade to my cherished lamp my first instinct was to recover it.  I  have been told by many people coming into my home to throw it out and buy a  new one.  The nerve of those people, they have no idea of my budget 🙂

Being that I am a girl that is crafty I always think twice before I throw anything out.  I was going to recover my lampshade and make them eat their words.  It was a little difficult to find the perfect fabric for the shade because I went to Walmart instead of a craft store, silly me.  I decided to search my closet and luckily I found the perfect piece for my project. Check out the before and after.

My lamp before

A close up of the lamp shade before

The top that I cut apart to make the new lampshade

I measured and cut the fabric to the size of  the old lampshade then I used a hot glue gun to clue the fabric in place. It was a quick and simple  project. I absolutely love the way it turned out.

MY new lamp, I love how it turned out!

A closer look at the new lampshade. I think its elegant!

After looking at my new lamp for a few days I decided to turn it up a notch, so I added ribbon around the edges. Even better!  Doesn’t it make you want to make your own?

Nicely done!

A bit dark, but that's just so you can see the details

A friend of mine was about to throw out this old dining chair.  I figure I could give it an upgrade and a new purpose, so I collected it from her.  It was an old rusty wood color.  I assumed it was lacquer because there were a few shiny spots amidst the rusty worn wood color. The chair was used so much that there was an indentation in the middle :). I don’t have a before picture of this chair but do believe me for I tell you no lies. It deserved to be in the trash.  But since I now owned a sander why not get sanding?  With a bit of sanding and the magic of spray paint I transformed this chair.

chair after it was sanded and primed

This cushion was also one of my special finds @Pier 1 Imports

I regretted not taking a picture of this chair before I spray painted it. I was so anxious to get to the final point that I literally rushed out and primed this chair without taking as much as one picture.  It would have been nice to show you the transformation from worthless to purposeful.

Its a perfect fit for my computer desk.

A pop of white is just what was needed to brighten up my dark computer work space.

For the past holiday season, I wanted to give my living room a different look without spending too much.   So I went out to the Home Depot and bought a sanding machine, a few cans of  primer and spray paint.  I spray painted a few old pieces to give my space a new look.

The end table you see below is one of those pieces.

The black end table before.

I spray painted it white and made two interchangeable surface mats. I hope you don’t find it too funny when I share with you how I made them.  I took designer scrapbooking paper and laminated them, then I put removable double stick tape at the four corners of the laminated mat. I lightly pressed them unto my white table and “Voila‘ ” I have a new chic end table.

My chic table

Oh so simple changes… oh such a big difference!

Here is one surface mat


Here is another

I love it!!!!

Family time is very important to me. We now live in a world where technology takes the place of  family time. Don’t get me wrong because I am a huge fan of modern technology. I am always intrigued or fascinated by all the amazing things we can now do from our cell phones and computers. But technology sometimes interfere with interpersonal relationship among family members. Many times we are way too busy watching our high-definition TVs that we don’t even bother to converse with each other. I am guilty of such. I make sure to tell to tell my husband to keep my son away from  me and not to bother me on Sunday nights when my shows are on.  Ah yes! “Dexter” and “Boardwalk Empire” are much too entertaining to be bothered by petty conversations.  There are even times I’m on my iPhone for hours and when Josiah tries to interrupt me I get annoyed. Then when he gets a hold of my phone and begins to play “Angry birds” or “Woodys Wild Ride,” he doesn’t as much as blink at the sound of his name. I can light myself on fire and he wont even notice.  By the time daddy comes in he is so busy on Facebook catching up with old friends that he does not notice us unless I pull a Pillsbury Cinnabon out of the oven 🙂 Ah yes, this is the world we now live in.

I grew up with a dad who was a big family man.  He took us to theater shows and movies, and was very proud to introduce us to his friends. We were his pride and joy.  He took us to all historic and cultural events. We visited every museum and national landmarks and he shared many stories with us. My brothers and I were never going to be the children in class who didn’t know to identify a major statue or to explain the reason why something was built. Though annoying at times, my dad was a fun dad, one who made us eccentric looking kites and bought us many board games.  He even invented his own games, some of then with ridiculous rules. I can’t say for sure if we had a particular game night but we certainly played a lot of games as a family. Those are some of the most cherished moments of my childhood.  Spending time with family is indeed important.

For the past few days I have been reliving those moments with Josiah.   He got a box of Lego pieces for his Christmas, so for days we have been building and rebuilding.  It was so much fun, it reminded me of the moment I decided I was going to be an Architect. Of course that was  one of ten things on my list growing up.  However I forgot how much fun creatively putting a few blocks together can be and he seem to get a kick out of it too. He literally spent hours with his building blocks and his mommy.  Technology had nothing on us!

Excuse my dark pictures, they were taken with my cell phone once again!




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